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Swedbank AB (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsvɛ̌d(ː)baŋk, ˈsvɛ̌d(ː)bæŋk, ˈswɛ̌d(ː)bæŋk]) is a Nordic-Baltic banking group based in Stockholm, Sweden, offering retail banking, asset management, financial, and other services. In 2019 Swedbank had 900,000 private and 130,000 corporate clients and a 60% market share of Estonia’s payments.

FT.com has reported that, "Swedbank is under investigation by US, Swedish, Latvian and Estonian authorities as well as the European Central Bank over potential money laundering in its Baltic operations."


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Former Employee - Human Resources Specialist says

"Rasist and sexist environment and corrupt leadership"

Current Employee - Data Science says

"terrible management, complex, not simple and not caring"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Not that high salary, rigid processes, too much paperwork"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Poor managerial strategy on a low ring; Unfair approach to different employees; Racism and Xenophobia especially from Russian-speaking management towards non-Russian native employees."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"horrible office, extremely loud probably the most virtue signaling company in sweden"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"not challenging work environment there"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low salary hard to develop"

Former Employee - Manager says

"not many cons at all so pretty dull"

Former Employee - Private Banking Manager says

"No real challenge to work here, everyone is just complaining about the bad salary and the bad management."

Former Employee - Assistant says

"- Very low pay! - A lot of bureaucracy; - No proper bonuses, no salary raises; - High employee turnover; - If you want to climb up the career ladder and apply for a job within the company, the supervisor who is looking for an employee first calls your current supervisor to ask "if he could take you". The answer is usually "no"."

Administratör (Current Employee) says

"Fokus på att skära kostnader vilket inte ger så kul stämning.När man väl kommer fram till jobbet kommer man till ett modernt kontorLång resväg till jobbet"

PRAKTIKER Banktjänsteman (Former Employee) says

"Rätt människa, på rätt plats! - mitt Mottot. På Swedbank i Holmsund var bara praktiken och jag visste redan från början att jag har inga möjligheter att får jobb där. Men bättre göra nånting än ingenting."

Företagsrådgivare (Former Employee) says

"Sedan Swedbank bildades för ca 8 år sedan är inriktningen en helt ny bank baserad på kundkontakter via digitala kanaler. Främst internet. Arbetsuppgifter som kassa och kundtjänst har i det närmaste helt försvunnit. De internernetbaserade låne- och placeringsverktygen medför att dagarna är räknade även för bolånerådgivare, privatrådgivare och premiumrådgivare. Till del har man även påbörjat samma resa inom företag. Swedbank är inte längre en lokal bank nära kunderna. Man avser att ta upp kampen med de redan internetbaserade bankerna/finansbolagen som redan erbjuder bättre räntor och avgifter pga. sina avsevärt lägre kostnader.Bra förmånerFöretag i stor förändring mot kundkontakt via telefon och internet"

Senior Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Swedbank is permeated with Swedish work culture. Atmosphere is egalitarian, but lacking any sort of drive. Salary and benefits are ok. Work there if you prefer stability over advancement."

Banking Officer (Former Employee) says

"Good part-time job while studying. Administrative tasks such as paying out invoices and updating company addresses on the system. Workplace culture was ok."

Kundtjänst på kontor (Current Employee) says

"En vanlig dar är det full av kunder och varijerande uppgifter. Älskar mitt jobb och det bäåsta är alla möten med olika människor.friskvårdfinns aldrig tid för det."

Rådgivare (Former Employee) says

"Swedbank i stort är en bra och trygg arbetsgivare. Det man dessvärre tappat genom åren är att värna om sina medarbetare och ge kontorschefer resurser för att kunna behålla lojala och duktiga medarbetare. Detta medför att personalen söker sig till andra arbetsgivare, banken får färre erfarna medarbetare som bidrar till ett oseriöst intryck till kund då nu personal inte hinner läras upp ordentligt.Måltidsförmån, friskvårdstillägg, fri tillgång till kaffe/te samt frukt och bröd.Skapat sämre arbetsmiljö genom att dra ner på personal, samt bonussytem."

Projektledare Event Sponsring Marknadsavdelningen (Former Employee) says

"Ett bra företag att utvecklas i. Jag har alltid utvecklats i mina roller, som är en av mina drivkrafter. Relativt hög arbetsbelastning med stimulerande arbetsuppgifter.Bra förmåner, goda utvecklingsmöjligheter"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"Here i dont have anything to add yet, but good place to work and possibility to do career internally. I was freelancer, contractor there but many people has work there for many years."

Trade Finance Department Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was recommended to have the internship in that branch and learned a lot about for bank operation. This branch in CBD of shanghai is small and just deal with some function.Located in CBD"

Anna Upton says

"I would like to give this bank a -1 or even lower. Their customer is bad , very bad. Why have a branch that can not provide you..yes the paying customer with any service ??? The branch in the center of Malmö, could not even access my account!!! Because wait for it... I needed to travel to Limhamn to the branch that could give me customer service ! Wft comes to mind! I am now closing my accounts with this bank and moving my money elsewhere."

Claes says

"Worst ever custom service Lost a lot of time and they still didn’t solve my problem"

eo.T says

"Want to be Stressed & Frustrated? Choose Swedbank Customer service is very hit & miss depending on the person you’ll get different answers (this really shouldn’t be the case!),they’ll do the exact opposite of what you ask without notifying you what they’re going to do in advance & that gave me more problems & work to undo their mistakes.They also asked me to do their job once which was a joke. Their fees are outrageous.Card expired abroad? Pay 400kr to get it delivered.They will add on fees for everything they can imagine & don’t expect anything to a laughable tiny sum for when you open a savings account. Were they flexible due to the Corona outbreak? Not at all. I was told to come into 1 of their offices when the UK was under lockdown which is a joke.Flights were meant for emergencies & posed a health risk! They cannot handle the most basic of tasks! They made me come back to their office 3 times in the same day because they were not able to give me a list of all the documents they needed on the 1st visit! I asked them to stop sending letters at my dead mother’s address as it was upsetting a family member,they didn’t even manage that.How are the letters anything other than a waste that also causes distress? Want a basic feature like international transfers,then get ready to jump through hoops! The UK has zero fees for a basic account including having a bank card,online banking,getting a basic document with your details & when you put money in savings the UK will give you better saving rates even though they struggled more with the Corona outbreak! & also some UK accounts will not charge you any fees abroad. The only good thing is their bank demo,but that in itself is such a basic feature it’s not hard for any bank to be better.I also don’t recommend Handelsbanken either.They were also a giant pain to deal with after the death of a family member. Can't wait to be done with them & close my account so I don't have to deal with their ridiculous nonsense!"

Sumaya Nur says

"Absolutely disrespectful people work at Swedbank. I am a British citizen and they treated me like I was a criminal. I understand there are rules and regulations to follow however, they need to be able to explain the rules in a respectful way and welcoming. The treatment was absolutely disrespectful I would not recommend anyone to open a bank account here! Especially at the Gävle branch. Made me dislike Sweden right away!"

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